O. Schenck Prints

O. Schenck

Etchings of Bavaria

This collection features five etchings by Swiss artist, O. Schenck, depicting famous landmarks throughout Bavaria, in Germany. These city and landscape images are hand-etched onto a steel plate using a fine stylus to cut contours and hatch patterns—the plate is then inked and pressed onto heavy, cotton rag stock. This work represents the highest standard of quality in fine lithographic artist etchings from Germany. Their enduring richness and beauty in line and texture can enhance even the most demanding environments.

Each etching is titled and signed in pencil by the artist, O. Schenck, whom I am tracking down for his history and the history and origin of these works. I will post this information as I am able. So far, his signature has been identified and I have established he was Swiss. The works were created presumably early 1950s or possibly much earlier. His work is impeccable in scale, skill and style.

Digital re-mastered reproductions can be made available as high resolution giclee re-prints that exact-match the quality of the originals, dot per dot, line per line, and at requested sizes, by special order through this website. The link to order is below.

I grew up with these images, glassed, framed and displayed on our family living room walls. They were acquired by my mother, Irene (Kentala) Anderson, in Munich (Muenchen), Germany (Deutschland) in 1956. We lived first in Wessling, then Fuerstenfeldbruck AFB (just outside Munich) from 1954—57, as my military father served with the United States Air Force Post WWII armed forces, while stationed there at Fuestenfeldbruck Air Base.

The O. Schenck collection or parts of it can be purchased, but only by special order. Go to the CONTACT page and click on Special Order if you are interested.


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