Hiroshige Prints

Ichirysai Hiroshige I

Eight Snow Scenes in the Eastern Capital

This collection (Toto Yukimi Hakkei) is by historic and world-famous Japanese ukiyoye artist Ichiryasi Hiroshige I. Born in 1797 as Ando Tokutaro, Tokutaro was the son of Ando Jubei, an official in the Edo (Tokyo) fire service. He attended the Ukiyoye School in Edo and graduated as Hiroshige (his artist name) going on to acquire fame, first with his Tokaido travel series of prints depicting the 53 postal/pension stations on the popular route from Lake Biwa to Kyoto, Japan, and further to depictions of actors and actresses in the popular Japanese theater genre. He was known especially for his landscapes.

Much travelled, Hiroshige loved his home in Edo and did several hakkei (series) of landscapes of the city and the surroundings with which he was familiar. This little known hakkei is of snow scenes from the eastern capital, circa 1840. These may well have been reprinted around the year 1920 from his early designs, but this is as yet undetermined. His numerous works of fine line and brilliant color speak for his widespread popularity. Hiroshige died in 1858. 

Setting historical and collectors’ considerations aside, art’s enduring capacity to agelessly remain fresh and alive is found in the art of every master’s works, and Hiroshige is an acknowledged master in a long lineup of traditional Japanese ukiyoye artists. His personal love and care for landscape and surroundings, inhabitants and their lifestyles emerges from within each print.

This hakkei of original, multi-colored woodblock prints was acquired by my mother, Irene (Kentala) Anderson (1921 – 1983) , in 1949. Our family lived in Japan while my father (Wallace E. Anderson; S/A, USAF-OSI [Retired] 1921 – 2015) served in the military, being stationed in Japan for two years, 1948-49, as part of Post-WWII US occupying forces.

Now, here is: Toto Yukimi Hakkei; Snow Scenes in the Eastern Capital, a series by Ichiryusai Hiroshige I

Takanawa Yoru no Yuki
(A Snow Evening At Takanawa)

Ueno Toeizan Shinobazu-ike
(Toeizan Temple & Shinobazo Pond, Ueno)

Meguro Fudo Keidai
(Snow In The Grounds Of The Fudo Shrine At Meguro)

Susaki Yuki no Asa
(Daybreak After A Snowfall At Susaki)

Sumidagawa Tsutsumi no Kei
(View From The Sumida River Embankment)

Kasumigaseki no Yuki-agari
(Street View Looking Down The Kasumigaseki After A Snowfall)

Ryogoku Yuki no Yugure
(Twilight View Of The Snow-clad Ryogoku Bridge)


The remaining image, Untitled, is still being investigated for artist, title and origin.

Th collection (hakkei) or parts of it can be purchased, but only by special order. Go to the CONTACT page and click on Special Order if you are interested.


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