An Artist on the Path of No One Walking

American artist Michael Earl Anderson (1942 — present) is native to the Lake Superior (Copper Country) region of Northern Michigan, and is a US Navy veteran and father of three.

A graduate of The Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado, Anderson was deeply influenced by founder Philip Steele’s emphasis on working directly from life, and how this applies to the human form. Both Anderson’s fine paintings and past design work show a consistent inclusion of the male or female form, demonstrating the significant impact this has had on him and how this makes his art a natural venue for the expression of deeper realities pursuant to the human condition. 

Anderson continued his studies at the University of Colorado where he perfected advancements in color and color theory, and in the composition of spatial applications as instructed by Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, who later sent him to study meditation at Zen Center, San Francisco. From there he re-located to Hawai’i, where he later appeared as guest artist for Honolulu’s Aloha Magazine. His extended family of artists resides both in Hawai’i and in Los Angeles.

Anderson continues to work indpendently as a fine artist, and exclusively with live models in natural daylight. His style is best defined as transfigurative, as it seeks to merge representational art with the syntax of abstract expressionism.


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