An Artist on the "Path of No One Walking"

An Artist on the "Path of No One Walking"


Welcome to a visual journal of awakening.

The fifth path in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, The Path of No More Learning, I have dubbed, ‘The Path of No One Walking’, as duality and ego-cherishing is transformed to joy, appreciation, compassion and equanimity, marking the restoration of our true, intrinsic nature.

As a Western artist it is my aim, as I am so inspired, to express certain points of awakening — not in an Eastern way, but in artforms familiar to the West — all the while, keeping as well as I can to traditions of the East. It is my earnest hope some, or all, will benefit by my work.

As you browse you’ll find first my Studies which are, as with most artists, often the most intimate and inexpensive works. Next is a collection and sale of my Gallery originals, which can also be made available as signed, museum quality giclee reproductions. A third area, Loft Murals, shows how my art can be custom re-created as high resolution digital reproductions and become expanded versions that fit perfectly onto a variety of different media for larger spaces. These collections, as well as Articles, are found upper right in the menu. I will be notifying e-mail subscribers of new additions as updates.

Enjoy your visit. I hope to soon have INDELIBLE available as a free, downloadable e-book, with figure studies drawn in indelible India ink, alongside quotes that I find unforgetable.

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“Painting is a practice of ignoring outcomes.”


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The Mindful Ox

Take this shortcut to The Mindful Ox series as seen in the journal Buddhadharma —

The Mindful Ox

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