An Artist on the "Path of No One Walking"

An Artist on the "Path of No One Walking"



As a Western artist it is my aim to express certain insights I’ve experienced, presented in art forms familiar to the West while keeping as well as I can also to teachings of the East, from which many of my insights arise. It is my earnest hope that my work will be a benefit to you. 

As you browse the website’s menu you’ll encounter near the top a link to my Studies which are, as with most artists, often intimate and inexpensive. Next is an exhibition of a collection (and sales) of Gallery fine art originals, also available as signed, museum quality giclee reproductions. A third area, Loft Art, demonstrates the possibility that art pieces can be custom re-created as high resolution digital reproductions that fit perfectly onto a variety of different media and/or into larger spaces.  

If you wish to subscribe for notifications of updates, please scroll down on this page to submit your request and a follow-up reply will be posted to your email inbox by which you need to confirm.  Your name and email information will always remain private. As a gift, I hope to soon make available a downloadable e-book titled INDELIBLE, with my figure studies (drawn of course, in indelible India ink) alongside my commentary on my walk as an artist.


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“Painting is a practice of ignoring outcomes.”


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The Mindful Ox

Take this shortcut to The Mindful Ox series as seen in the journal Buddhadharma —

The Mindful Ox

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